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A Guide to the Admin Home Page

Video Tutorial

This tutorial covers the various parts of the admin homepage and what they are for.

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The tutorials are quite large file size and may take a little bit of time to load on slower connections. Below the video tutorial you will find a link to download the high quality full screen version of the tutorial.

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This is an XD2 CMS tutorial on the admin homepage.

This tutorial presumes you are already logged in and at the admin homepage.

The admin homepage is the portal to all the section and modules of your installation of the XD2 CMS. It contains all the necessary links and navigation to get to the areas of the control panel you need to access.

This tutorial is going to give a brief explanation of the information on this page and what it is used for.

Starting at the top, the blue bar that runs the width of the top of the page, contains the name and version of your current install, the log out link and a direct link to contact us here at XD2 if you need further support.

Next to the XD2 logo on the right is an information block which contains important information about you and your install. The most important part of this block is the text that in this case reads Active. This validates your version of the CMS to ensure you are running a full install with all the features.

The tabbed navigation under the XD2 logo links to the various sections of the main part of the control panel. Admin Home, which will always bring you back to this page. Settings, for editing the websites main settings. Staff, for managing staff members on your site. Upgrades, which gives information on available upgrades to the script and Support, which provides further information on getting help and support with your install.

Under the tabbed navigation you will find the modules block, this block contains details of all the XD2 CMS Modules you have currently installed as well as links to access the part of the control panel that corresponds to them.

Lastly on the right of the modules you have the “Log Entries” block which is detailed further in the “Logging In” tutorial. But in short contains the most recent login information.

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