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How to Manage Staff members

Video Tutorial

This tutorial covers how to Add, Remove and manage permissions for the satff on your website.

Running Time: 00:01:58
Flash Video Size: 22.6mb
High Res Download: 11.1mb < Faster to download and watch.

The tutorials are quite large file size and may take a little bit of time to load on slower connections. Below the video tutorial you will find a link to download the high quality full screen version of the tutorial.

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This is an XD2 CMS tutorial on how to manage staff members.

This tutorial presumes you are already logged in and at the admin homepage.

While on the admin home in the control panel you will notice there is tabbed navigation at the top of the page underneath the XD2 logo. In this tutorial we are going to be focusing on the “Staff” tab.

To access and edit your websites staff members, click the navigation tab entitled “Staff”. You will now then be taken to the “Staff Settings”� page.

On this page you will notice there are three sections, “Change your password”, “Current staff members” and “Add a staff member”.

The “change your password” section is used to change your own password, simply type the new password that you wish to use in both fields and then click “Change Password”.

The “current staff members” section lists all the currently created staff members of your website. The links on the right of each staff username allow you to perform actions for that staff member. Clicking [A] will change the account type between Admin and Mod, Mod’s can not access the control panel and are only able to perform actions on your actual website. Clicking [S] allows you to temporarily suspend staff members which will stop them being able to login or change anything on the site. Clicking [D] will permanently remove that staff member.

Note: You can not change the settings for the main Admin account.

The “add a staff member” section allows you to add a new staff member by simply entering the required username and password (twice) then clicking “Add Staff Member”.

Once you add a staff member you will then see them in the “current staff members” list.

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