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How to change the Site Settings

Video Tutorial

This tutorial covers how to change and update the main settings of your websites XD2 CMS install.

Running Time: 00:01:48
Flash Video Size: 20.8mb
High Res Download: 10.0mb < Faster to download and watch.

The tutorials are quite large file size and may take a little bit of time to load on slower connections. Below the video tutorial you will find a link to download the high quality full screen version of the tutorial.

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This is an XD2 CMS tutorial on how to edit site settings.

This tutorial presumes you are already logged in and at the admin homepage.

While on the admin home in the control panel you will notice there is tabbed navigation at the top of the page underneath the XD2 logo. In this tutorial we are going to be focusing on the “Settings” tab.

To access and edit your websites settings through the control panel click the navigation tab entitled “Settings”. You will now see a list of your websites settings and a corresponding value for each. Also notice there is a separate update button for each setting.

Some settings will have a short description above them, and others are intended to be self explanatory. Changing these settings will change things within you site, in real time. Note, you must click the update button after each change, you cannot edit multiple settings at once.

Now I will give you a quick run through of each setting on this page:

site_safe - Is this website safe for all audiences?
site_splash - Do you require a warning page if adult?
site_name - The name of your site or company.
site_url - The url the software is running on.
site_template - The name of the template you wish to use.
site_email - The email address you wish to receive contact to.
site_welcome - Welcome message for the homepage of you site.
site_description - Base meta description for your website.
site_keywords - Base meta keywords for your website.

This settings can be used to personalise your site and for search engine optimisation.

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