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Log In Log Out and Security

Video Tutorial

This tutorial covers the basics of logging in, loggin out and what the "Log Entries" box is used for.

Running Time: 00:01:32
Flash Video Size: 17.6mb
High Res Download: 7.33mb < Faster to download and watch.

The tutorials are quite large file size and may take a little bit of time to load on slower connections. Below the video tutorial you will find a link to download the high quality full screen version of the tutorial.

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This is an XD2 CMS tutorial on how to login, logout and understand the admin homepage.

In order to login you first need to navigate the browser you are using to your websites admin login page, this is normally located at your domain/admin.

Once there you will notice there are two fields required to login, one for your username and one for your password. You should already have this information by this point. Once you enter your username and password simply click the button marked “Log In”.

Providing the details you entered were correct, you will be taken to the Admin Homepage.

On this page you will notice there are a few different areas, containing different information regarding your install. For this tutorial we are going to concentrate on the one to the right entitled “Log Entries”.

This box contains information of your last login, plus the last 8 logins from any staff member. It records the staff name, the time and date of login and the IP address that was being used. This information is provided so you can monitor for any un-authorised access to your system.

Now because we are not going through anything else on this specific tutorial, lets log-out. If you use a shared computer or you are accessing the control panel from a computer other then your own, it is always wise to log-out when you are done. For security this system automatically logs off when you stop using it as well.

To log-out simply click the link in the top right hand corner entitled “Log Out”, once you have clicked this link you will be logged out of the system and taken back to the admin login page.

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