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Gifts EX Element Intro To Wakeboarding (Boat) Intro - Boat Gifts EX Element Intro To Wakeboarding (Boat) Intro - Boat

Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing Extreme Sports in the world and lots of fun. Wakeboarding behind a boat is still most people's preferred option there is more variation and boats create an important ingredient in the world of wakeboarding which is...errr wake. Our Discover Wakeboarding is a great introduction to the sport; you will be given expert instruction by professionals who will share all sorts of tips and advice to get you up on the board as quickly as possible.Course Content : Your experience will consist of two 10 - 15 minute 'pulls' - this is most definitely enough as an introduction to the sport and your arms will know about it the next day. You will be provided with all the equipments that you need and have an instructor on hand to make sure you get the most from your sessions and progress as fast as possible. Please ensure that you provide a contact telephone number when creating your account to purchase this item as we need to pass this information on to the company that we book these experiences with. Why not look at our full range of experiences


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