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Hardware T-Boards 38inch Urethane T Board T-001 38 Hardware T-Boards 38inch Urethane T Board T-001 38

Firstly what's a T-board?!"The T-board is a high performance carving hybrid built specifically to mimic the sensation of carving on a snowboard or surfboard. Because the wheels form an edge right under the arches of your feet the carving sensation is one of the purest out there." 38" Snowboard Geometry Deck 38? long by 9? wide derived from a more traditional skateboard geometry this board is better suited for mellow hills freestyle riding or aggressive slalom. The Urethane "Street" Wheels are designed for Flatland/Freestyle and light Downhill/Slalom riding these wheels offer a faster ride with less rolling resistance. Includes all necessary spacers.


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