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Welcome to XD2 CMS V2.0

Freedom to create!
Freedom to Quote

This is a demo site

Welcome to the XD2 CMS demo site, this website has been set up to demonstrate the powerful features within the XD2 CMS and how they can be used to create highly functional unique and impressive websites.

Anyone can use this software it has been created with ease of use in mind and comes with documentation and personal 1 2 1 support.

This particular demo of the software is running using the pages and data feed modules of the software to create real time product stored for affiliate marketing. You will also find video tutorials and documentation on this set up.


To the right you will notice there is a list of shop sections, these are all integrated from product CSV's supplied by affiliate programs and we have used these feeds to create realistic shopping sections. This makes your visitors think they are dealing direct with you as well as making your site larger with more content for search engines.

Affiliate Marketing

Because of the powerful nature of the software and the combined uses of the pages and data feeds module you can create your own website selling products from affiliate programs you have signed up to.

Using the custom meta tag and descriptions feature you can make your product pages unique, combine this with the ability to create your own custom pages of unique content and your site will have the potential to even out rank that of the affiliate program owner.

This page

This page can be manipulated to display what ever you want, by editing the template files provided.

You could show products from each feed, a list of pages and descriptions. Your own intro for SEO purposes, Adverts and sponsors. You choose.


Product Call Example

Hardware Nitro Volum. . .

Hardware Nitro Volum. . .

The Nitro Volume Snowboard is an excelle. . .


More Details

Hardware Flow The Fi. . .

Hardware Flow The Fi. . .

The all-terrain rider can experience a h. . .


More Details

Hardware Loaded Vang. . .

Hardware Loaded Vang. . .

New Lower PriceWith a symmetrical shape . . .


More Details


Shop Sections